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Need to move your bulky, heavy furniture to your new home or office, damage-free? Couch Heroes offers 24/7 furniture disassembly and reassembly in NY, CT & NJ. We can disassemble and reassemble:

Why Choose Couch Heroes for Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly?

We understand the struggle of trying to move beds and sofas through tight spaces such as narrow hallways, windows, doors, and staircases. Let Couch Heroes give you peace of mind. Our NYC experts will separate pieces to make them more manageable for one person carry, making it much easier and safer to get the job done right.  Once separated, Couch Heroes can personally deliver the pieces and reassemble them, or you can take on the delivery yourself and call us back to reassemble.

Couch Heroes are the trusted professionals you need to move your large furniture in and around NYC.  At Couch Heroes, we pride ourselves on our customer service and reliability. When you choose Couch Heroes, you can be confident that we will always show up on time, perform the job just as requested, and be done on schedule. We are your furniture solution in NYC.

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Our Process

Most pieces of furniture are fairly complex when it comes to the number of pieces and skill level involved to disassemble and reassemble them. Disassembly might seem like the easy part, but there are numerous precautions to take while stripping the furniture to be able to properly unite the pieces in the future.



1. For furniture with leather or fabric, the first step is to carefully remove it without causing damage (reupholstery is another headache).
2.Metal frames must be dismembered by loosening the connections, but most wood frames add the extra task of glued dowel connections.  There is also the danger of stripping a screw or screw hole, which could unalign the frame or call for extra customization.
3. Our experts are well-versed in all types of wood and metal disassembly, which is why our Couch Heroes are qualified to save even your most prized furniture!



1. Once your furniture is moved into the new space, it’s our team’s job to restore your disassembled furniture back to how it was, or often better condition.  The first step is to reassemble the frame of the piece; This includes replacing screws, bolts, dowels, adhesive, staples, or other various connections.
2. If your furniture has the added element of leather or fabric, the next step is to restore the original leather or fabric back on the frame or cushion.
3. Our Couch Heroes provide brand new glue, screws, and staples as needed to add extra support to your furniture and make sure it looks and performs as good as new!


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